• articles, newsletters, press releases, op ed pieces, educational materials
  • brochures, handbooks, guides, safety manuals, instructions
  • annual reports, strategic plans
  • speeches and remarks
  • web copy
  • grant applications
  • accessible-language materials
  • specialties include vignettes and profiles (e.g., for inclusion in a report)
  • re-organization of material; re-writes if required
  • identification of gaps, repetition and inconsistencies
  • website edits
  • project management
  • accessibility check—both content and design
  • books, reports, articles, newspapers, newsletters, magazines
  • tactful, respectful and cooperative approach with authors
  • books, reports, articles, newspapers, newsletters, magazines
  • close attention to structural elements, headings and charts
  • experience working on PDFs and with QuarkXpress
copy editing
  • Rx for grammatical disagreement, dangling modifiers, etc.
  • cliché-busting and jargon-reduction; changing dated or sexist language
  • diligent fact-checking
  • formatting of references and notes
  • close attention to usage, style and spelling
  • familiarity with Canadian Style, Chicago Manual, Canadian Press, AMA Manual and others
teaching and workshop leading
  • taught a third-year seminar on poetry writing at Dalhousie University
  • taught magazine writing in the Book and Magazine Publishing program at Centennial College, Toronto
  • helped design a seminar on internal communications
  • have created a self-editing workshop for teens and adults
  • have led writing workshops in settings including elementary schools, provincial writers' federations and the Art Gallery of Ontario