Good editing is like invisible mending—emphasis on the invisible. The finished product holds its shape and has the clarity and flow a professional hand can provide.

Woman of Letters (Sue MacLeod) will untangle your sentences and proofread your document with an exacting eye for detail. Or, I can write it from scratch.

Examples of current or recent work:

  • editing technical healthcare reports for a government-mandated agency
  • editing an annual report for a think-tank; writing one for a hospital
  • editing stories for an award-winning fiction writer
  • leading writing workshops through the Quebec Writers' Federation
  • editing magazine articles for a university and a research institute

and work I am available to do:

  • write or edit for a specific audience (e.g., subject experts, new Canadians, seniors, teens)
  • suggest a compelling new title
  • help you find—and fill—any gaps in content, and clarify key messages
  • make complex or specialized material engaging for general readers.